Noa Pylyser

Noa Pylyser (she/her, 1995) graduated from LUCA Drama in 2019 as a player-creator and director. Her style is characterised by an absurd imagination and explores the boundaries of the performative, humorous, illogical and (far)strange(ish). Noa enjoys creating socially critical pieces. Iets Anders (2017) was an indictment of the power system,and in Please (2019) she made short work of the existing power structures within the arts landscape. Trommelen in de nacht (2022), after Bertolt Brecht’s play of the same name, is a location performance in a shed, in which eight women stand up for a home for all. In 2024, she and Nico Boon will create the show RAAR HAAR atfABULEUS.