detheatermaker is a nomadic development and production platform for new makers taking their first steps into the performing arts field. As compagnon de route detheatermaker works with a number of individual makers in a multi-year trajectory towards self-reliance. Artists are given time and space to build their track and develop new work within it. Together with other partners, we are exploring how to appropriately support the specific needs and plans of these creators. Customisation, dialogue and care are always central. In addition, detheatermaker believes it is important to be accessible to the large group of new makers in an accessible way. In doing so, we focus on knowledge sharing and collective learning.

This is how we help build the arts field of the future.

What does detheatermaker do?

Multi-year trajectories:
detheatermaker supports several new creators through tailor-made multi-year trajectories, within which we search together for autonomy in the arts field. We support these makers through residencies, productions and business & artistic conversations.

detheatermaker wants to make space to meet everyone in the field. Therefore, we organise thematic encounters for new makers and showings for programmers.

Short Stay:
This is an initiative of detheatermaker where de resonanten (our wider focus group) offer makers short residencies so that the new maker and detheatermaker can get to know each other.

Are you a new maker with plans? Contact us
via lotte@detheatermaker.be
You can find us at Corso, Driekoningenstraat 126 2600 Berchem.

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Who is who?

Lotte Vrancken- artistic director ad interim
they/them/ she/her lotte@detheatermaker.be

Lotte coordinates detheatermaker. They supervise the trajectories of the new makers and set out (in consultation with the entire team) the artistic lines of organisation. Lotte looks after partnerships with other organisations and champions the voice of new creators within the wider field.

Lotte is artistic coordinator ad interim, until the actual coordinator,Ruth Mariƫn, is back to work.

Lola Bogaert – financial coordinator
she/her, zakelijk@detheatermaker.be

Lola is the financial coordinator of detheatermaker. She sets out the business strategic line of the organisation, and supports the path-makers on a financial-administrative level.

Matilda Rasquin – communication and daily operation
she/her, matilda@detheatermaker.be

Matilda is responsible for everything to do with communication inside and outside the organisation. Expect internal follow-up emails, premiere invitations and instagram posts from her.

In addition, Matilda supports the day-to-day operations of detheatremaker, focusing on both the wider organisation and individual artists.


De Resonanten – artistic support

De Resonanten are detheatermaker’s substantive focus group, consisting of hybrid makers with an interest in organising, curating and mentoring artists. De Resonanten reflect on the organisation’s artistic and strategic choices and provide artistic input and feedback to the theatre maker’s artists. They also curate and organise encounters and participate in prospecting. Currently, the group consists of: Adams Mensah.

The board of directors and GA:
The board of directors consists of: Yasmina Boudia (chairman), Vonneke Beeker, Tim Taveirne and Mats Van Herreweghe. The members of the GA are: Roos Euwe, Mark Geurden, Piet Menu, Lisa Wiegel, Simon Jan Bellens, Sara De Bosschere and Laura Bergans.