Friends Joeri Happel and Lucas van der Vegt are currently researching the concept of short performances, which they have been working on for two years now, and intend to develop into a collection of 15 short performances in the coming years, which they will present as a theatrical album in the same year. The short performance is a format that Happel&Vandervegt came up with, by analogy with the short film and the short story. The length of a short performance is limited, between 2 and 20 minutes.

All 15 Short performances together are an overall existentialist manifestation. In doing so, the duo meanders between cabaret, tragedy and performance art. According to Happel&Vandervegt, life is not a coherent story, but a succession of haphazard details. This is what they bring to the stage: From wonder at beauty to the terror of death and everything in between.

Implicitly, the material carries great political necessity. With all its alienation, it challenges the beaten track of the status quo.

Currently, there are already five short performances called: de Bloemen (theme aesthetics, de Zweden (theme friendship) One second to the next (theme Moralism) Rolball! ( sports theme) and De waan van de dag! ( theme subversion).

The upcoming themes in their research are travel, theatrical diary, and supporting act.

The short performance is ultimately a desire for honesty, beauty, lightness, excitement, and life.

They will do several residencies at CAMPO, NTGent, De Nieuwe Vorst, Indonesie, De Grote Post and De Pianofabriek, where they will continue to work on their collection. In the meantime, they will play support act at programming at the Grote Post and De Nieuwe Vorst (Netherlands) on a number of occasions. Dates to be further announced. At Theater Aan Zee and at Het Theaterfestival they plan a couple of theatrical interventions.