Joeri Happel & Lucas van der Vegt

Happel&Vandervegt are friends of each other. They recognise each other in a shared contemplation regarding the questions of life. They find life rather confusing. There are so many different desires and events that reveal themselves in a day, causing the duo to get out of bed every morning in existential confusion: Life, they say, is not a coherent narrative, but an inextricable tangle of insignificant details. With the collection of short performances they are currently collecting, they want to acknowledge and honour this muddle.

Lucas van der Vegtgraduated from KASK’s drama course in 2021. Before embarking on that study, he obtained a Master’s degree in classical piano from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Lucas played the piano all his life, until he found out he preferred acting, because he thought that was more fun to DO.
During his studies at KASK, he did internships as a performer at Theater Antigone and Action Zoo Humain, as well as an exchange at ArtEZ in Arhnem. Lucas performed in shows by Theatre Artemis, De Warme Winkel and BOG. collection, besides which he is a member of the Werkoneel.

Joeri Happelgraduated from KASK Ghent in 2021 and enjoys working collectively. He is part of Camping Sunset, Het Werktoneel, Klub Kilm and he was initiator of collective Zuidpark. As a performer, you could see him at work at Compagnie de Koe, Toneelhuis, Zuidelijk Toneel, Olympique Dramatique and NTgent. What characterises Joeri as a maker is that he is confused. Because he has bipolar disorder, he feels like he is floating around in a lost boat. The work he creates meanders between naturalistic drama, existentialist clownery, political satire, poetic abstractions and pamphleteering discourses.