FI FI FILE, a performance about Coming Home.
The traffic jam takes place on a cut-out stretch of motorway.
In traffic jams, we travel far, to somewhere and nowhere.


FI FI FILE will be a visual performance in which we play with boredom within familiar surroundings. A performance about the drudgery as well as the potential that boredom brings, about repressed desires, about anger, about violence in the transition zone.
In the safe confines of the car, we may call out once more on the Other.
About external conflicts; wanting to do violence to the Other to get something moving in ourselves. About a false sense of being at home, about transition zones.
What is released in the car are about other domains. An examination of associative and suggestive theatre.
The car and the traffic jam as a symbol, vehicle.


FI FILE examines repetition versus linearity.
Through bio-mimetics, we want to zoom in on micro-movements, take inspiration from the organisms around us. From the way fungi, trees, mycelium communicate with each other.
Traffic jams take place in several places at once. Through visual means (bricolage techniques, costumes, sound), we want to reactivate the playing surface, fill it with a different charge, seek different atmospheres.
Through being fixed, showing what goes on in the subconscious.
We want to coincide with ourselves and our car. We show external similarities, parallels, hear references in sound.
Animistically we proceed. Trees, objects, people, fungi belong to the same vibration, the same troop, the same group.


FI FI FILE explores recognisability versus alienation.
Just as a photograph can also be drawn in negative, a game or dance can also have its negative.
What lies hidden under the highway, what lies behind it to be?
Through music, we appeal to a collective memory, twisting a sense of reality.
The motorway has several layers. The literal grey as the nightmare purple. The highway we load with different aesthetics, meanings, becomes a multi-purpose playground.


FI FI FILE explores the madness of traffic congestion, traffic aggression, in a play-by-play way. From miniature theatre to grotesque movements. Through moving scenery, the aura of music, the movement of a player.
An assemblage, a cross-section of society plays on.
The form is content, the how is the what.
We play with rituals, the cyclical, the eternal return. Everything starts again. Like the dreamscapes, the subconscious, the mycelium network.


FI FI FILE is a search for a different way of communicating within theatre. Associative and driven by intuition. A circular way of constructing narrative. A mycelial network without one specific source or leader. Interplay between people and objects stuck together. Literally, figuratively, formally and substantively.
Reinvent rather than invent because “The first or last word of civilisation is nonsense.” (F.Nietzsche).
FI FI FILE plays with caricatures, magnifications, stereotyping, alienation, humour in discomfort.
The mundane, banal, pop culture, vehicular languages, actions are the breeding ground for a visual universe in which dream and reality meet in the transit zone of a car, in an associative tick-tock world. A highway, a conflict on the road. An attempt to embrace ourselves and the Other.
Between randomness and meaning, everything vibrates, everything is a now. We have lost the circles, we are separated through our skin. We want to go home and travel further afield in the hope of reaching a home.
FFF will be an ode to chaos. An attempt to playfully overcome the fear of daring to desire.
In the traffic jam, we accept loss.